Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, Jan 17- Going to the Hospital

We will be leaving shortly to go to the hospital to see if there's been any progression with Betty's condition. The boys have been told and we will be bringing them up there. We are taking separate cars in case we need to bring the boys home. We told them last night, I don't think Morgan really knew what we were saying, but Aaron broke down crying because he remembered visiting Great Grandma Zieglmeier a few years ago and Great Aunt Phyllis. He began doing his pacing and was holding back the tears when we said that Grammy isn't going to look like herself and she will have a lot of tubes and things on her. We said that she won't be awake, she can't talk to us, but we can talk to her. Grandpa Gary will be coming up to the hospital and some of the Tadych family will also. I will try to update this and/or my Facebook page if anything happens. I have internet access at the hospital. Please continue to pray for Betty!

Renee and Andy Zieglmeier