Monday, February 8, 2016

Renee's Online Garage Sale {Facebook Group}

It is time to declutter the house! I admit, it is getting a little hairy in here. We had a garage sale in the late Summer last year and it didn't do so well. We usually have awesome turnouts for garage sales and make quite a good profit.  I vowed to get rid and donate the stuff ASAP and well that didn't happen, most is still in my house in boxes or in the garage. I am trying one last time to see if anyone would be interested in some neglected housewares, books, crafts and clothing at a reasonable price. Prices are listed, but those are negotiable.

If you are local, we can meet up in the St. Cloud, MN area and complete the transaction there. I do ask that you must purchase a minimum of $5 total from me to make it worthwhile to drive to meet up place. If you are not local and wish for me to ship the item to you, I will calculate approximate shipping and handling charges and you may pay with through my paypal account. 

Here is my group and if you are a Facebook user, you may request to be a member of this group to view the items I have for sale. I will be posting boys clothing and more crafts on Tuesday and Wednesday hopefully.