Monday, February 8, 2016

VEX Robotics Middle School Team advances to the World Championship!

First year VEX Robotics Middle School Team S.A.M.E. had just a stellar 2015-2016 robotics season thus far. They did not disappoint for the Minnesota State Competition at the River's Edge Convention Center on January 29-30 either! The team ranked 10th place out of 70 teams after the two days of Qualification Matches. They were chosen as an alliance team and made it to the Semi-Finals. They were up against some really tough High School teams but held their own as much as they could.

We remained hopeful in winning an award for which had included an invite to the Worlds Championship in Kentucky and low and behold Team S.A.M.E. indeed won the Middle School Excellence Award, which qualifies them for VEX Worlds Championship in Louisville in April 2016. 

Team S.A.M.E. is trying to raise funds to help the deter the costs of the competition registration fee, car rental and hotel stay during the 4 day competition. 

Please visit the GoFundMe Team Page for more information. 
On the GoFundMe page are all of the Tournament Stats for the team and their awards earned. There is also the video announcing who the Excellence Award (Middle School Division) recipients are! I love my son Morgan's reaction! 

 If any local businesses or other wish to sponsor this awesome Middle School team consisting of one boy and two girls, please send me an email for more information- Nayzee122 at Gmail dot Com

Thank you Bob Leighton for the Team T-Shirts!

Double click the "Excellence Award" description above to enlarge the type.