Monday, August 19, 2013

Camping Pictures

Just a few more photos of our memorable moments at the campground this Summer!
I am sure I will have hundreds of photos of the lake before the Summer is over. The lake water was a bit high after all the rains we got in May and June. Here you can see the docks and they look like they are floating on the water! Click on the images to make them larger!

On July 5, Aaron fell off of his bicycle at the campground and busted open his elbow. It was a deep cut that required stitches for sure. The campground has gravel roads and the boys are just not used to riding their bike and stopping on them and both have wiped out this Summer but only Aaron needed to go to the Mora Emergency Room thankfully! I took him to the ER and we were there for several hours. Aaron received 3 stitches on his elbow and was given a full check up and sent home (back to the 5th wheel). I was holding Aaron's hand while he was getting the numbing shot for the stitches and while they stitched him up, otherwise I would have been right up in there taking pics of the stitches process! Aaron had stitches one other time when he was just 2 years old when he had surgery on the back of his head to take out a benign cyst. This is the first accident stitches incident and hopefully the last, but I know that is highly unlikely with boys!! One can only hope right?

Let's Eat!
Aaron is 12 years old now and food is always on his mind. He is a grazer and can eat all day long. Andy has become quite the Grill Master out at the campground. Our camping neighbors are always asking "What's for Dinner?" as the aroma of Andy's newest concoction cooked on his Coleman Grill travel down the pathways to the other campers. Grilled corn directly on the fire ring grill rack is simply the best and it looks quite pleasing too!

We have also tried out some of the local restaurants here in Mora. In the photo below, Morgan eats a piece of pizza that is very cheesy at "Wild Things" in downtown Mora. The hamburger and hot sauce is Aaron's. We realized we didn't have any mustard at the camper and Aaron will not touch ketchup, so what is the next best thing you ask? Texas Pete Hot Sauce of course! And finally, the boys have discovered Nutella and they do not go anywhere without it! Here they are making a sandwich of Nutella. I've never tried it, I can't. It has hazelnuts in it and I'm allergic to them, but it does look good!