Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Under the Weather...

Sorry I've not updated in a while, I hope to do so this weekend.

I've had some rough times with my health in the last month or so. Hoping to be on the mend soon.
I really hope this is the end of the illness, but highly unlikely. Yes, I'm a pessimist! I'm recovering from Pneumonia and also have a GERD Flare Up as well. I just can't catch a break! My oldest son has been home from school the last two days and he might have to go into the doctor today. I'm waiting back for them to call me. Don't you hate when your kids are sick and you can't do anything to make them feel better? My Aaron has been a trooper with this and I hope today he can get some relief.

I've got some cool new scrapbook kits I got to create with that I need to show you, I love the pages I created! There are some great new designers at Digi Scraps Drive-In, you should go check them out!

Hope to be back writing again real soon. Family and Health comes first.