Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Agenda...

So what do we have planned for Summer?
Lots of stuff. Both boys have Cub Scout Resident and Day Camps in the next few weeks.
We hope to do more camping in our 5th wheel, got any suggestions for campgrounds in Minnesota?

I'd like to tackle my craft room mess downstairs in the unfinished basement, it needs some organization desperately. Maybe then I can get my Etsy shop loaded up with some crafty goodies.

I'd like to teach both of my boys how to tie their shoes.. yep, they still don't know how to tie correctly.

I'd like to teach Morgan how to ride a bicycle!

I'd like to ride my own bicycle more often! I honestly haven't been on that thing for about 7 or more years, seriously!

I plan on going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I need to get back on track on a regular exercise routine and get back to my goal of toning up and losing a little bit more weight.

I hope to make a trip to Summerland to use up some free admission tickets I won from Moms Like Me of Central Minnesota last year.

I also won some free Waterpark of Mall of America night stay and waterpark passes too. I need to find a free weekend so we can enjoy those activities.

Of course, my daredevil boys want to go to Valley Fair this year as well. I am not quite sure Morgan exceeds 48 inches yet, but he will still enjoy the "kiddie" rides I am sure.

Of course we'll have to hit all of the area Summer festivals... I always look forward to the Lemonade Festival at SCSU.

Maybe I can introduce the boys to rollerskating/rollerblading this year? I used to love to rollerblade, of course that was about 10 years ago pre-kids when I was in much better shape. I have those in the garage or basement somewhere, I'll have to dust those off and give them a try too.

So my goal is to get out of the house and be as productive as we can be this Summer! I've got 2 active boys that I need to keep busy. Of course a few days will have to be some park and splashpad playdates, so I can get some "tanning" in, this pasty Minnesota skin needs some color!

What does your Summer activities look like? Give me some more ideas!