Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sniffle, Sniffle...

Well, I just said goodbye to my last Design/Creative Team I was trying to hold onto. I just do not have the time these days to dedicate to my online teams. I hate being a disappointment, but the boys are getting older, both are in Cub Scouts now and already the summer days are filling up fast with activities, parties, events and more. Maybe after the hectic Summer I can re-join a team or two, but I don't see a window of opportunity to be an active Design Team Member as of right now.

I have to play catch up this weekend on several ATC Swaps for The Stamp Shack that are due. I'm hoping to get those done at my Scrapbook crop I'm going to on Friday evening with some friends.

Other than that, the next week is Book Fair week, so I'll be volunteering 3x a week and then helping out with the PAW End of Year Picnic. Then we're off to camp for a few days, then a few more days of school, then we're out for the summer! Yay!

Cub Scout Graduation last night went very well. I have a Webelos 2 and a Tiger Scout now. I made these adorable (photo will be posted later) campfire table centerpieces that were a real hit! I made 9 of them and only came home with 4 of them, some folks asked if they could have one, I gladly said yes. I have leftover supplies, so I can make some more of them. Its amazing when you find some cool stuff just by Googling, Scout Crafts!

Well, time to take some Allergy medicine yet again, the sneezing has begun. I take Claritan in the day and Zyrtec/Benadryl at night. This Spring has been the worst for my allergies and my eyes have been so itchy and red as well. blah.

Happy Hump Day everyone, two more days until the weekend.