Monday, May 16, 2011

12 Days

Everyone else has 13 days left of school, but the Zieglmeier Family has 12 days left. We are taking one day off of school to go camping later in the month. The first trip out with the 5th Wheel, I hope the weather is nice!

I will be so happy when we don't have to take our normal daily driving route to the school because of some annoying road/bridge construction that is going on blocks away, right in front of the school. It will be nice to avoid that area completely in the summer time, but then again, I don't think this madness is supposed to be complete until late Fall. In the end we will have a nice widened road and a new bridge, so I really shouldn't complain should I?

Lots planned for this week alone. I thought I'd have some free time to get caught up on showing you my crafty side as well as my two boys crafty sides, but that is just not going to happen until school is over and all my end of school year obligations are done.

This week, starting today at my boys Elementary School, the yearbooks are given out and the extras are for sale. I am soooo nervous to see the teachers/students reactions since this was my very first year being the Lifetouch Yearbook Adviser. I knew I had some pretty big shoes to fill, but I think I did alright! I am completely OCD about things and photography especially, I proofread until I couldn't see straight. I do see however one flaw, hopefully everyone else will overlook right smack on the front page! I should have had the print for the yearbook dedication a tad larger and maybe bolder, it kinda gets lost on the page I think! But then again, I am too harsh of a critic on myself, hopefully it will all be good and I will quickkly sell the 70 yearbooks we have leftover!

For the rest of the week, starting tomorrow evening, we have our annual Cub Scout Graduation! My Webelo will graduate to Webelos 2 and my Kindergarten child will be introduced as a future Tiger Scout! Awww... where did the time go?

On Friday, I am going to a Paper Scrapbook Crop hosted by Crafts Direct. I was invited from a friend and am happy that I could go. I plan on working on a shadowbox for Aaron displaying his big "win" during Pinewood Derby this year! I will be using one of the 7 Gypsies Photo Trays, I just love these things. I made one a few months back for a relative, celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary and I am hooked!
I've got to get my photos printed still but I got some cute Photography themed paper along with some achievement paper and some cute Racecar stickers.

Hey Scrapbook companies, if you are reading this.... You need to create more Cub Scout and Boy Scout products! The supplies are so limited and I really do think this would be one hot seller, so get to it and start designing some great scrapbook stuff all about scouts, camping, geocaching, service projects, etc. I will be your number one fan!! Pretty Please?

Other than that, nothing too major going on this week! I do have to tell you that yesterday, my oldest, Aaron, finally learned how to ride his bike! It's been a hard road, but he finally was able to ride and I am so happy for him! Little brother is trying really hard to learn as well, his bike is a little too small for him I think. We are going to do some garage sale searching this week for a 16 inch bicycle for him.