Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking a Break...

The Great Unplugged Challenge

I'm actually going to do this. I spend entirely too much time on the internet and it is honestly ruining my life. I get so sidetracked and before I know it I've been on the computer half the night just looking at stuff, not really getting anything done.

I'm actually taking time off all of my Creative/Design Teams and just creating when I want to, for me, at my leisure. I've neglected my household, stayed up entirely too late putzing on the computer and then feel so groggy in the morning, need an afternoon nap, then stay up on the computer again getting absolutely nothing accomplished but yet the icky cycle continues and I think I'm at my breaking point. I need to get back on track, go to sleep at a decent hour, wake up feeling refreshed and get on a good routine schedule. I've been slacking on getting good sleep, then that results in bad food choices as I just want to grab what I can to eat. I'm losing on all ends of the spectrum and I need to get my focus back on what is really important- my health, my family and my emotional well-being.

This challenge runs for 5 days starting Monday. So as of 12am Monday morning, I will not be checking email, social networks or message boards. After this 5 day challenge, I am going to try to continue not to be so dependant on the internet/computer and keep my addiction to this laptop a healthy one.

so that is that! I won't be gone forever, but I do need a break.

For this week I am just being Internet free, maybe after this I can try to be Television free for a week! I think TV would be much harder than the internet, but we shall see!



I understand completely! Good luck -- and hope you find the balance that is ever so fleeting!