Monday, April 4, 2011

My Life Story (According to my son, Aaron)

My son is in 4th grade and at the end of every week, I get that huge stack of papers. He thinks I save them all, I would love to but obviously that isn't possible. I do keep a select few drawings, tests and whatever else catches my eye.

Today I finally got through the massive pile and came across a paragraph he had to write about his life!

My Life Story by Aaron

It all started July XX, XXXX, when I was born. My mom and dad was happy for me to be in their life. When I was 3 my little brother was born. I was given a toy baby to know how to treat my brother well. I had a loose tooth when I went to kindergarten. My tooth came out that night. My 6th Birthday came. I've got many of toys. One year later my little brother went to Preschool. He had to stay in Preschool for two years. My grandma died. I was very sad. Then I got braces. I enjoyed having them on. I weared my braces for a year. Then I got them off. Next I got my retainer. I started to click it. Finally I'm in 4th grade now. I know more things would happen in my life.

I might just scrap this in paper to include the actual writing assignment!