Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment!

Tonight was the official Pack 21, Pinewood Derby Race. Last year was Aaron's first race and well, it didn't go so well. Lots of disappointment and tears occurred. well I had tears tonight......

Tears of Joy! lol. Aaron won 1st Place for his Webelos Den and 1st Place for Best of Show for the entire pack. Tonight he was undefeated. He competes on Saturday, with the second place winner, Mason, at the District Office for all area packs! WOOHOO! Yes, I was quite emotional but not until Assistant Cubmaster Tammy, kissed Aaron on the forehead as she congratulated him. That is when the tears began flowing. At one point Andy looked at me with the WTH is wrong with you kinda look and I had to look away. It was a proud mommy moment, what can I say?

This is his only second Pinewood Derby ever... last year was downright horrible. He did awesome in the trial runs, but horrible the actual race. He got 5th place and no trophy and freaked out (Asperger's style). It was very hard to watch last year my son was unconsolable and couldn't calm down and accept that he lost. The assistant Cubmaster had wanted to do something nice for him so she got him a Pinewood Derby participation trophy a few days later to cheer him up! It was a very thoughtful gesture.

Tonight when he had already won two races already, he was getting very excited, he was getting a little cocky and I was hoping that it wasn't going to flop and be a big recipe for disaster! Aaron was undefeated tonight, he won all the races. So just when I think the Pinewood Derby is over and done with, not quite yet, we've got another race on Saturday. Then I can stop stressing hopefully. But as a mother to a child with Special Needs, this was quite an achievement for us all. I'm sure I'll be quite mushy when journaling on those future Digital Scrapbook pages!