Wednesday, February 2, 2011

gel-à-tins Stamps {Manufacturer Design Team Call}

When: January 10- February 1, 2011

Note: gel-à-tins stamp company is under new ownership and is excited to be searching for our first design team! We are looking for talented scrapbookers and card makers who love stamping and embossing. We will be accepting three scrapbookers and two advance card makers on our team. Skills in altered items

Design Team Requirement:~ Each design team member will receive at least one full stamp set per month and will be required to create unique and creative projects once a week- (4 per month)
~ Each DT member will be required to post their weekly projects on their blogs with information about what stamp set was used along with an active link back to the gel-a-tins store.
~ DT will be required to email good quality photos of their projects to use on the gel-à-tins blog, the gel-à-tins gallery, and the fan page on facebook.
~DT will be required to have a link in a side bar on their blog linking back to gel-à-tins, we will supply badge/banner/blinkie for you.
~DT will be required to follow on twitter and facebook and post comments supporting all DT projects posted. The main requirement is to promote the new ownership of gel-à-tins and that the company is creating new stamps sets and complimenting products.
~ Once DT is decided each DT member must commit to an initial webinar for an introduction to the company, the new owner, and to get more details along with examples of what is expected prior to your start date. This will require to call into a special phone number/pin and log into special online meeting for presentation. The day will be on a Saturday or Sunday and all information will be sent in email.
~ DT call is open to any happy creative stamper around the world!!
~ This DT Term is for 8 Months.

Design Team Benefits:
~ Get to play with and keep the DT requirement stamps/embossing powders.
~ Be one of the firsts to have input on new products and play with them prior to their release.
~ Each DT will receive a special exclusive DT stamp set at the end of every month you complete your requirements, these stamps sets are designed and made just for DT members they will never be made available for sale. These stamp sets are for your enjoyment and no DT projects will be required from them.

To Apply:
~ two completed stamping projects that you have completed for us to view your work and style, tell us if you like to stamp scrapbook pages, just cards, or a mix of both.your name, address, email and phone number
~ A short bio about you and your papercrafting history, be sure
~ To add why you would like to be on the DT
~Please add links to your blog, forums and galleries that you would like us to see more of
~ Include previous and current DT positions
~ email all information to: or

~ The new DT announcement will be made by Feb. 7th
~ We will be exhibiting at CHA Jan. 2011 at Booth #4222 if you are going to be attending and wish to apply in person, just stop on by and introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you!
Thank you for looking at our first DT call!!



I was so excited to see the DT call, then however, I saw you had to have a blog (do not have one) and I do not do Facebook. That lets me out.

I hope however you find the right people. Your stamps are great and deserve the best people!

Best of Luck!!!!!


For those who do not have a blog or Facebook. I still encourage you to apply. We will be setting up a personal gel-a-tins blog and you will have access to and can post.
We can find other avenues that you can enable the product in.
Thank you for your comments and if you have any questions, please write a comment. I will try to answer as soon as I am able.



Just read all the info and was going to also say what AnnCaryl said regarding facebook...I do have a blog...Think I just might do this, for the experience of doing it...As I am sure there are many people out there that are much more creative than I am...And as I've always been told, it never hurts to try...Good luck to every one that gives this a chance...and thank you for this opportunity...


I say go for it. The terms are just an outline of what we'd like to see in terms of advertising or promoting the company and the products. If you have other ideas for promoting, please include them in your application.

We are looking for many different styles of crafting, send us a few of your favorite works. You will never know unless you try!! Get those apps in ladies!


Karin (Peppermintpatty)

I've been waiting for this!!! So excited! / Karin


We received your application Karin, thank you! Good Luck!


Very cool! Thanks for the opportunity!


thinking about this.... great opportunity.....<3 stamps....


Please do apply ladies... You don't know unless you try! Good luck and get those applications in!


very cool. i have a couple of sets. love the storage.


I wouldn't mind doing something like this but, I do not have the stamps so doing a project prior would not be something I can do.


cindy, you do not need to have Gel-A-TIns Stamps to turn in an application. Just email us your best Stamped Image project, any stamps for the DT Submissions is ok.


What a fab opportunity!

ellen s.

this is sooooo cool, Renee! I love to stamps :)


sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I love to stamp!!!


just wondering if you got my DT app??



yes we did Chris!

Stampin Lucy

This is so exciting!! LOVE your images, and I am a stamp addict!! (I do admit I have a problem) Love having a set project to complete!! Can't wait to see the team.


Bummer! I missed it!

Stampin Lucy

Will you be sending an email even if we aren't choosen?? Thanks again for the opportunity.


To Stamping Lucy and other applicants,
We will be sending out an email to all applicants one that made the team and those who did not.
Thank you again for applying. This is a very hard decision.