Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vegas Photos

Last month for Thanksgiving weekend, Andy and I went to Las Vegas. It was my very first time going, I had fun although I do wish it was much warmer. Who knew Las Vegas had temps in the 40's-50's?
Grandpa Gary and Sharon watched the boys for us while we went away. It was the very first vacation away without kids! We need to do that every year I think!

Here are some photos of our trip, some highlights of the places I saw that looked cool, some odd people and anything else I felt the need to take a photo of!

We stayed at Bally's, but mostly gambled in the Paris Hotel. We seemed to do better there. We saw The Blue Man Group show, which was EXCELLENT and we also saw The Price is Right Show Live, which was neat too. I would definately go to both shows again!

We ate at a few places, but really only liked Mon Ami Gabi, yummy Quiche's there! We had wanted to go to this Buffet for Breakfast on Thanksgiving Day but the line was hours long and we certainly don't have the patience for that!