Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 1-7 Photos of the Day...

I don't know why it is so hard for me to upload these photos each day. I think its because I feel the need to tweak each photo in Photoshop before I upload and I usually have the most time to do that on the weekends. Anyways... here are my pictures.

March 1- I am so far behind in scanning in or photographing my boys' school work/artwork. Today I took a picture of one of Aaron's storybooks he has written in his 3rd grade class. I just love how they bind it for the kids. For this page, he made me look online for a tutorial on how to draw a monkey!

March 2- Today for supper I was re-heating the Chicken Noodle Soup I made a few weeks ago, we had some leftovers that I froze the rest. Here is another messy cabinet I need to redo. I couldn't find the Chicken Soup Base in this mess and of course Andy looked inside the cabinet and found it right away after I was looking for like 10 minutes.

March 3- Here is an art project Morgan made in preschool recently, London Bridge

March 4- Morgan loves when he does painting projects in Preschool, here are his fish.

March 5- Here is Morgan's Groundhog he created.

March 6- I was cleaning off the mound of papers of Aaron's on the table, all of his drawings, I can't keep them all of course and I did toss a few, but I kept this one. Isn't this a cool pirate ship?

March 7- For breakfast today, I made some French Toast with Texas Toast bread, yum! I'll have to hit the gym later or do a workout video!



I like your idea of photographing the artwork. It seems they come home with so much and it's hard to get it in their albums.