Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 4, Photo of the Day

Yes, I'm behind again in posting my photos to my blog and Facebook. I only lasted until Day 14 in posting them to Shuttercal. I think I'll just do my blog for now on, I should be able to keep up with that.

Here's my photo of the day- I bought these cute little fabric covered baskets, not sure really what to call them. I bought two large ones and two medium ones at TJ Maxx. I'm planning on getting rid of the mound of clutter against the living room wall, it is mostly magazines and catalogs. I figure at least I can hide them in these decorative baskets and it will look a little less cluttered.



Did you know you can host your images on ShutterCal and use the HTML in the "cal share" section to auto update daily image onto your blog? It's really handy.