Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 20-27 Photos of the Day...

Saturday, February 20- We suprised the boys with a trip to Dave & Busters on Friday afternoon. They loved it and here are their prizes, Aaron got a big purple boxing glove pillow and Morgan got what he calls "bally." It is this big plastic squish ball with crazy hair that lights up when you squeeze it!

Sunday, February 21- We had Aaron's Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet today. He earned his Bobcat Badge.

Monday, February 22- This is a star mosaic Aaron made out of construction paper. It was a homework assignment a few weeks ago for his 3rd grade class. I'm a bit behind in scanning/photographing his artwork and projects so I gather you'll be seeing a lot more of them in the future!

Tuesday, February 23- Another of Aaron's drawings for a story book he created. He wrote about his 6th Birthday party at his Auntie Nancy's house and he had a number 6 pinata. I will have to find the actual photo of the pinata, it looks identical to his drawing!

Wednesday, February 24-- This is Aaron's interpretation of what our plane looked like in the sky that we rode on our way to Florida last year!

Thursday, February 25-
Andy bought the boys yet another LEGO set. There's a few more pieces to this set, I think Morgan has the bus somewhere. I'll have to photograph that for another day.
I believe this set is called City Corner.

Friday, February 26- Here's my little guy taking a long nap. He is coming down with something, a little sneezing and coughing this afternoon and he was quite clingy today, a sure sign he is getting sick! Uh oh.

Saturday, February 27- Here's my little guy posing for a picture drinking out of his Sippy cup. He only drinks out of them when he's sick. He's pretty much been on the couch most of the day. We just finished watching his favorite movie, Wall-E. He's got one heck of a cough! Poor Morgan!