Sunday, February 28, 2010

Castle Trip Photos

Morgan and Mommy stayed at home while Andy and Aaron went off to the Castle on the Parker Scout Reservation. Morgan had gotten sick with a cold before the weekend, so I stayed at home with him. Boohoo, but I guess there is always next year!
Andy took pictures of what all they did there for activities and of the inside and outside of the Castle. Aaron did many of the winter sports for the very first time and even caught two Perch while Ice Fishing. He found out he really enjoys cross country skiing also! He gave the trip a rating of a 9 out of 10, he said it deserved a 9 because of him falling down and hitting his head on the ice. I partially think he gave it a 9 because he wasn't allowed to play his Nintendo DS like another Scout was doing. ;)

Aaron participated in various Winter Sports.

The sleeping quarters have bunk beds and a view from outside of the castle.

A few Castle views.

The boys get ready to Cross Country Ski. Aaron loved doing this! The other photo is of the dining area.

Aaron does a little Ice Fishing.

Here are a few photos that Aaron's Den leader took.

All background papers are from Scrap Orchard, from various Mixed Fruit Megas.