Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4th, Photo of the Day

Brrr... It is darn cold outside! It is back to school for my boys today, yippee! I took my Photo of the day this morning while my son, Aaron was waiting for the bus to arrive. Of course, it being the first day back to school after the long vacation, surely it wasn't going to be on time. It sure was a very chilly wait for the bus this morning, according the weatherman on the tv, the temperature this morning in St. Cloud was -15 degrees! Yikes! Growing up in New York as a child, we never had frigid temperatures such as these. I felt sorry for my little guy, luckily most of the duration of the wait, we stayed inside. He maybe spent 3 minutes total, waiting outside for the bus.

I did think it was pretty funny as this morning he was watching some tv with me and a commercial came on that reminded him of our trip last year to Florida. He told me, I sure wish we were in Florida right now! I'd like to play on the beach! lol



I hear ya, a beach right now sounds very nice. Warm sand, water! The weather has been VERY cold!