Friday, January 29, 2010

January 28, Photo of the Day

Yep, I'm always a day behind uploading to my Facebook account and my blog. I only made it to day 14 in uploading to Shuttercal. Maybe I will try to make that my goal for this weekend!

Here is Morgan trying to play Mancala at the coffee shop. It had no directions inside, so he just played and sorted the colored marbles. We stopped for a coffee and treat at the Meeting Grounds Coffee shop after our numerous errands yesterday.

I was proud that Morgan was so good after I dragged him all over town. I love hanging out with my little buddy Morgan. I am surely going to miss him next year when he goes to all day Kindergarten! Below is another photo that I took yesterday of Morgan standing outside of the Kindergarten registration building, he was so excited!



I've had friends who had mancala games, but I've never learned how to play it.