Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm a slacker... Catching up on Photo of the Day

Oops, I guess I had a busy last few days.
Here are my photos of the day for January 14 through January 18.

January 14- These are in a container on my kitchen counters, so far I haven't caved and eaten any. I opened them this day and took a big sniff and then felt content and closed the lid.

January 15- The boys love Legos and currently they are obsessed with the racers!

January 16- Perler Beads Mania! This is our Craft Bin that shares the Dining Room. Santa really spoiled the boys this year and got them tons of Perler Bead stuff.

January 17- This is Michael's Ad in Sunday's paper. I might have to take a wander over there on next Sunday to use the 25% off the entire purchase coupon!

January 18- Aaron got powerchains on his braces today! Hope his mouth isn't too sore tomorrow!