Sunday, December 27, 2009

December Blizzard

Although I expected we'd get more snow, it was nice seeing some big snowflakes for a while. Big snowflakes are so much prettier to watch outside your window! I took some pictures a few days ago outside and through the window, haha. Then yesterday we went sledding at a relatives house and it really began snowing! I got some cool photos with the huge snowflakes in the pictures. This was actually the very first time the boys went sledding! Morgan liked it much better than Aaron. Aaron was more interested in throwing big chunks of snow at people! Also, there is a photo of the new sled the boys got! Aaron actually took the sled and went down our stairs (inside the house) on Christmas Eve when Great Aunt Nancy/Great Uncle Tom were here. It was funny watching him try to lie and tell us he didn't do it! Morgan just bailed and went running to his room when I asked what happened.

just for clarification: Andy is snowblowing our driveway, I just took that photo from the doorway, so the house you see isn't ours, but the neighbors. The other photo is of our shed/kids playhouse, I took that picture through the screen and really liked the effect it gave!



The photos look great, they are hvaing so much fun, you can just tell by the photo's !


The photo's are great. I'm glad you guys are able to get out and play in the snow :)