Sunday, April 5, 2009

One More Day....

until we leave for Minnesota again.
We leave early, early Monday morning from Fernandina to drive back down to Orlando to return the rental car by 9:30am. Then we fly out of Orlando to Minneapolis and then take the jumper plane to St. Cloud.

Today on our agenda, we are going to visit one of Andy's Navy Buddies in Kingsland Georgia. We'll meet up for lunch with him and his wife. The boys will love adding another state to the places they've visited!

Then later tonight we were going to go out to dinner with Carrie and her husband David, without kiddos. Carrie's oldest child and her friend were going to watch all the kids, so we can have a nice quite dinner out together.

Hopefully by Wednesday or so this week, I can update this blog with the rest of the photos I took, so check back!


Traci G

wow!! Looks like you guys are sure having fun!! I've been away for so long, that I didn't even know you were gone!! Glad you're having a good time. Have a safe trip back!