Monday, April 20, 2009

Help Support Me in My MS Walk {BLOG CANDY/ RAFFLE}

On May 3, my husband and I as well as our two boys are participating in the annual Multiple Sclerosis Walk. We will be walking the 5 miles, with the boys riding in the wagon. My friend Michele is also walking with us.

A little background... In 2001 after the birth of my first son, I had
some complications and developed Optic Neuritis, which is swelling of
the Optic Nerve and this cause me to lose my eyesight temporarily for
several weeks. After being hospitalized and numerous testing done, the results mainly pointed in the direction of a patient diagnosed with MS.

The doctors told me I have a 45% chance of developing Full Multiple Sclerosis within the next 15 years. Optic Neuritis is usually a first symptom of this disease. Luckily, this has been my only episode but the disease still remains a
constant reminder of what my future could hold. I will continue to
try to raise awareness and support this foundation whenever possible.
This will be my 4th year walking. Last year my husband and I walked 9 miles! I couldn't believe it, I was just wanting to walk 7 miles, but he pushed for the extra two.

Once you make a donation, please leave a comment here on my original blog candy post, with your real name and email address.
A Random RAK Drawing will be held on May 5 and the winner will be notified by email. Here is my MS Donation Page link-
Your name will be put into the drawing for a blog candy package that the ladies of 2 Croppin Cousinz are donating. Thank you Amy Hogge & Kelly Drackert!!!

Thank you and if you have any questions, feel free to email me!
nayzieg at yahoo dot com

I will be gathering some items from my own stash as well and putting them in the pot. Please check back Monday evening to see a picture of my scrappy donations. As soon as I receive the goods from 2 Croppin Cousinz, I will upload the stuff donated by them as well!

I did this last year and was very successful, I really want to raise my $500 this year, I hope you will help me!
Take a look at my blog raffle last year- 2008 MS Blog Candy Raffle

Here is what you can win by donating to my walk for a cure for MS this year...

thank you,
MnMommy2 on the message boards



Good luck with the walk renee!! I sure hope you raise your full amount!!!


Wanted to give you a shout of support with your walkathon...but it sounds like you and your family are all set. Good luck.


You got my support girl! Best of luck this year :).