Friday, March 27, 2009

Kennedy Space Center

We went to Kennedy Space Center on Thursday and it just wiped us out, well I know I was exhausted. I fell asleep before the boys did.
We got a late start yesterday and left the Titusville Hotel around noon, so we didn't get into Miami until almost 4pm with a few potty breaks/gas stops. Morgan and Mommy took a nap in the Miami Hotel today, while Aaron and Daddy went swimming. Then we went for a late supper to a really good Seafood Restaurant. I am still stuffed.

Below are some photos from visiting Kennedy Space Center yesterday and also Nasa's Medical Attention Center- Morgan fell and just needed a bandaid and we had to fill out an accident report and all that hoopla. He is just fine though, just skinned knee and very little blood, but a whole lot of noise from our lil' guy.



Looks like you are having so much fun. Hope Morgan's owie feels much better today. Also glad to see you have had good weather. I wish I was there!

Terri ( Meterr)

OH MAN!!! your so lucky to have gone there!! id love to visit there someday..being a NASA nerd!


The sunshine must have felt great!! We really need some of that here in the upper states. This looks like so much fun.