Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello from Titusville, Florida!!!

Hello All.
We are in Florida. We arrived at the Orlando Airport 11:20pm (Eastern Time) last night. The hotel we are staying at was another 39 miles away, so when we got to our hotel, the kids were fast asleep already.

Just a few pics to share, haven't really done much yet today. Andy took the kids to the pool this morning and let me sleep in which was very nice of him!

It is 76 degrees here today, sunny and warm! The boys are wearing shorts and I am in my capris. We are headed to Kennedy Space Center today, so check back later for some pictures!

Here's a few we took yesterday at the St. Cloud Airport and then the boys asleep in the car and then awake ready to go back to sleep on the hotel bed! Oh and just a picture of the bed, I really like the hotel room, its very retro/abstract. The colors really pop and have a fresh clean look, so I had to photograph the bed- you all know me....


Oh Scrap!!

Renee I have to assume you are on vacation only!
Not moving to Fl right?
Have a wonderful time I took Nolan to the Kennedy Space Center when he was 3 years old ...boy.... a looong time ago, enjoy Fl, hugs.


I hope the hotels worked out ok for you, they look comfy :)