Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Flu Round Two?

I kept Aaron home from school on Monday because all night long he was complaining that his legs were hurting. He was sobbing in bed and didn't get much sleep and in the morning, he was telling me the same story. I gave him breakfast and some children's Motrin and he went back to sleep. Well, the boy slept all day! Seriously, he only got up to use the restroom and he woke up when Andy went in his room at 4pm today. He stayed up until 9pm and was sneezing all over the place, we kept having him wash his hands and tried to keep the boys seperated- again, even though Morgan had the Flu a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if Aaron has the Flu but all signs are pointing to this! He was chilled all night last night and today he was wearing a hoodie because he said he was cold. When the heck is this going to end?????
I guess I will see how he is in the morning....