Thursday, March 5, 2009

An Autistic Mind

I was going through Aarons' school folder today when he got home and this was the last question of a worksheet he completed at school. I just had to scan it in and share with you all! As you guessed, he got that question wrong!

I asked him what happened on page 14 and he told me all about it, but I guess thought it was just fine to write that as his answer!

Written by Aaron
2nd Grade



Ha. That's great...I think it was a good answer. Page 14 must have been great :). That will be a fun one to add to the scrapbook. You should scan in page 14 :) to add to the page.

Take care!


good idea Wendy. I don't have the book though, it must have been just a book they kept at school or a paper book they put together. I should ask the teacher!


oh, I found it-

It isn't even page 14, its on page 16! haha.


That is so cute!! Kids are so funny! I agree...definitely a one to scrapbook!!