Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Update on Betty

Tuesday evening around 5pm we took Betty off Life Support and she was breathing on her own with some pain meds administered often through an IV. We left the hospital around 9pm and she was still breathing. From the scans and tests we got back yesterday morning, there was very little brain and no hope of getting out of the vegetative state, so Andy made the hard decision to pull all support. We know that is what Betty would have wanted. There were lots of family and friends with her right after we removed all support. Andy is doing very well and is thankful for all the support he's received during this time.

It was so nice to see Betty's fellow co-workers from Madison Elementary visit and tell us how much Betty had touched their lives and what a wonderful teacher she is. That just reaffirms what we have known for years.

Now we just have to wait, the doctors said it could take several hours, days, weeks. The doctors gave us no approximate timeline.

Aaron, her oldest grandchild, is taking this extremely hard and has been asking God why he had to take his grammy and that 7 years with her was not long enough. If anyone knows of some local grieving support groups for children, please let me know.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We will update you when her status changes. The nurses are to call Andy's cell phone when they think the end is near. We have not called the nurses station nor visited today, but I will keep this blog updated with all future service plans with dates and times.

She is now on the 5th Floor in room 507 for those who want to visit her.

The Zieglmeier Family


Me :)

Renee - I am very sad to read this. Hugs to you, your husband and especially your little boy.

My MIL has been very ill and she is our oldest son's (who is also 7) very best friend. We have been worried about him, so I can feel your pain.

Take care. LOTS of thoughts and prayers heading your way.


I'm sorry Renee!


Oh Renee, I am so sorry! I feel so sorry for your son too. My thoughts are with you and your entire family.

Scrappy Brat

Renee, I remember you from 2CC. I don't know if you knew this but I had an infant grandson that passed away at just under a month from SIDS. My daughter in law has an older son who is now 8, but was not quite 7 at the time. There is the Moyer Foundation out here (Jamie Moyer, an ex-Mariners pitcher, and his wife have done amazing things in our community). They had a son who spent a lot of time in the hospital and during that time there was a girl who passed away, her name was Erin, and in honor of the impact she had on so many people, they started Camp Erin. While Erin was in the end stages of her young life, she spent time comforting the young siblings of other patients/ Camp Erin was established to help children deal with significant losses. My grandson Alex went and spent 4 days there and it was an amazing experience for him and for the other kids that were there. I hope you can find something like that for your (nephew? or is it your son?). I know this is a very difficult time for you and your family so if you can tell me where you'all like, I'd be happy to try to locate a similar resource. Big hugs to you and your family.. you were very sweet to me at 2CC :)