Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, Update on Betty

Well, its Tuesday here around 9:40am. We stayed at the hospital pretty late last night.
This morning, Betty will have another scan of her brain and EEG or is it ECG? I can't recall the exact name of the scan. I believe the doctor is just doing these test to pacify us. The Neurologist does not see any improvements and the movements we've seen her make according the the doctors/nurses are all involuntary. She still has not regained consciousness, they are suspecting very little brain activity. She is reacting to pain stimuli but it it is an adverse reaction. The gut instinct of a person is to pull away, but Betty is turning outward. According the the Glasgow Coma Scale she scored a 6 out of 15, but the attending nurse last night said that she thought that was a generous score and would have scored her a 4 out of 15. Andy and his family will have some pretty big decisions to make here soon and I am so sorry it has come to this.

We sent Aaron to school today, but we called the school counselor and she hopes to check on him today. I told Aaron if he wants to come home to just have the teacher call me and I will come.

Morgan and I will head up to the hospital around noon today. Hopefully the test results will be in and I will update the blog right away.

Andy went to work today and is in a meeting for most of the afternoon. I am not sure when he will get to the hospital. I believe Betty's sister, Nancy will also be at the hospital around that time too.

I thank you for all of your support and continued prayers. I still do believe Miracles can happen and am praying for one now.

-The Zieglmeier Family



Praying for your family, Renee!

Me :)

Keeping you and your family in our prayers. {{{Hugs}}} I'm sure this is a very difficult time.


Oh Renee! I am praying for your mother-in-law! Huge hugs to you and your family at this very difficult time.