Friday, January 16, 2009


I wish I was updating my blog with a positive post, but sadly I am not.

Yesterday, my 59 year old Mother in Law, Betty, went into Cardiac Arrest. She lost consciousness three times and was revived with CPR/paddles twice and then they lost a pulse for a 3rd time. She was "gone" for 50 minutes and they were able to revive again. They got her to the hospital and they did a Catscan of her heart/head and it shows no signs of a stroke, no brain swelling, normal brain activity, no bleed outs. Her heart showed no blockages and appears to be in good health, so technically she didn't have a heart attack but the doctors don't know what caused this to happen.

She is currently in CCU undergoing a 36 hour process of cooling the body temperature down for 24 hours and then heating it back up for 12 hours in hopes to recharge the brain activity. Here is an article that explains a bit more-
Injuries And Cooling The Body After A Heart Attack

and here is a short video clip explaining the process a bit better-

Cooling Therapy after Heart Attacks

On Saturday at approximately 5am, this process will be complete and her body temperature will level out to normal temps and then we can see if she responds and if there is any brain activity. We plan on going to the hospital sometime in the late morning probably with the boys. We haven't told them yet, but hope that they can trigger a good response with just their prescence in the room or them talking to their grammy. Our boys are extremely close to their Grammy and this is going to be very difficult to explain to them.

I will keep you updated on my blog and on my Facebook account.
Thank you for your continued prayers and positive thinking!

The Zieglmeier Family