Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Today was Aaron's first day back to school as a 2nd Grader! Wow, I can not believe my oldest is a 2nd grader already. Today while he was waiting for the bus, I thought to myself, he looks so much older. He is going to be a tall boy thats for sure. He's been eating like crazy and often has seconds and sometimes thirds for dinner. I know a few weeks ago he ate 4 pieces of French Toast and wanted more! It's almost time to hit some Buffet Restaurants with him and let him just fill 'er up. He is still as skinny as ever though, but he is growing taller for sure. The bus driver this morning couldn't believe how tall he had gotten since June.

Here are some pics of him waiting for the bus this morning while it rained. He is so handsome!

Tomorrow is Morgans first day of Preschool, so check back for his photos!


Traci G

He looks so cute Renee!!


Those pictures are adorable!! :)
tina from scrapcity
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Tina :)

Angela J. Prieto

Great pictures Renee!! He is such a cutie!