Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy Bee...

We've just been super busy here in the Zieglmeier household. The boys started their first session of their next level of swimming lessons today. A whole new bunch of "Swim mates" are in the boys' new classes, that means new friends to make.

Aaron's birthday is next Monday and he is so excited! He thinks he is getting a Nintendo Wii... but I told him that isn't possible yet and he could wait until Christmas for that big gift! I have gotten him quite a few puzzles/games and Garfield themed stuff I think he will love. He's been on a Garfield kick for some time... He just loves Garfield and Odie. It's hard to find stuff with that character, it hasn't really gotten popular again like some other 80's characters. I hope I can remember where I hid all the presents, they are here and there.

Well, we've done some crafts with the boys and with the MOMS Club. I will upload those photos later.

Here are some recent digital scrapbook pages I have done. I have done paper scrapping/cardmaking too, but will upload those a bit later.

Happy Tuesday!

Kids at Work - Layout Credits:
Everything from Cool Dude Collab Kit (Ahhh Scrap)
except the journal box- by Mira Designs
Font-CAC pinafore

TIme - Layout Credits:
Hopscotch Kit by Serene by RW (for Ahhh Scrap!)
Time Wordart by Bethany (Scrap Orchard)