Friday, March 21, 2008

Thursday- 2nd Day with the Trainer

Ok, Thursday was my second training session. He had me work out my upper body and arms. I am so sore today, I can barely lift my arms, its hard for me to put my shirt on! I still went back to the gym today, my goal is to go 5 days a week for the meantime. I need to get my body back into fairly good condition.
Andy got off work at noon today and we went to the gym together. The kids love going to the daycare at the gym, tomorrow they are signed up for a 45 minute class called Fit Kids, while Andy and I work out. Today I did some leg lifts, rode the low sit down bike for 15 minutes and then the Elliptical for 10 minutes. Not sure what we'll do tomorrow, I know I want to swim a bit and maybe sit in the hot tub. Then its back with the trainer on Monday at 8am. I have been watching my calories a lot more and also the sugar amount in foods and so far so good.
I also had an interview at the Gym on Monday. I think it went really well. I applied for the Front Desk Associate and was told by the manager that I will be called for a 2nd Interview!!! I am just waiting for that call and hoping I do well on the next interview as well.
I want to scrapbook, but it hurts to move right now! Typing on the computer isn't painful so I imagine for today/tonight, thats what all will happen.


Dee Bibb

Wishing you lots of luck with the interview!

Hope you have a happy Easter!!!