Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 1- with my Personal Trainer

Well today was my first training session at 9am. It was a 45 minute workout that consisted of leg lifts, squats, resistant cords, weight lifts, treadmill and another machine that I can't recall the name of, but it was intended to help my triceps I believe. I feel pretty good, my legs are hurting a little bit. I was measured, weighed and my BMI was recorded. It will be interesting to see those change over the next couple of weeks. I fully intend on changing my unhealthy way of eating too.
I will meet with my trainer 2x a week, my next time being on Thursday. I plan on going tomorrow and doing a little swimming maybe.

Andy joined the gym finally and we upgraded to family membership so now the kids can participate in activities and classes now and we still get the FREE childcare during our workout time. The kids just love going there.

I will have to get a weight loss ticker uploaded to my MySpace page so I can share my progress with you!



Good luck with the trainer!! I sent your MOSD donation in the mail today.

Heather Grow

Good luck with your fitness goals, Agent Z.


good luck renee on your training regime! i think that is so awesome for you to participate in such a health concious aspect!