Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello From Sunny Florida!

Hi all.

We are in Florida City and its a humid, 82 degrees at 10am. Yesterday we had a long travel day- we left Minnesota at 11:30am and got connecting flights in MO and finally got in Miami at 6pm. The boys were excellent on the plane, minus the landings where Morgan cried a little from his ears popping. He just didn't get the gum idea, he swallowed it right away... anyone know of any other remedies/relief for your ears popping?

In the airport we saw Charo, hee hee, she is just as loopy as she is on TV. No I didn't take a photo, she was going up the escalator as I was walking down the stairs, the Miami Airport is a zoo.

We are about to go in the pool at the hotel and then maybe drive around and explore. We're wasting time until my Dad gets off work at 3pm.

I remember one thing I hated about Florida, the high humidity.... my hair looks just horrible, it scrunched up and it wavy/curly in all the wrong places! lol.

I am so glad my hotel has internet.... i was like a madwoman trying to get on the internet this morning.... withdrawals ya know!

Have a good weekend.... I will hopefully share photos on my blog when I get a chance!