Sunday, October 7, 2007

Autism Walk 2007

I am so proud of Aaron! He was such a trooper during our walk. He walked the entire 5K walk around Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis all by himself. It did rain a little while we were walking and then it got really hot, in the high 80's. We told Aaron next year he can ride his bike or his scooter when we do the walk. Morgan also was very good, he sat in the wagon content as could be while Daddy led the way. We went back to the softball field and there were some activities for the kids to enjoy.

We grabbed a bite to eat at Mickey's Diner in St. Paul after the walk...

Tired and Sweaty


Angela Prieto

Awesome pictures Renee!! But where are you? LOL! You need to hand the camera off once in awhile.


Wow! What a great day for your family and some wonderful memories! I'm so glad you were able to raise that much money for this cause.


It must have been beautiful with that scenery! Glad you were all able to attend and that it didn't pour the whole time!


looks like you had an amazing day!!!

Shannon Schafer

What awesome photos to preserve the memories! Glad it went well! Congrats to Aaron for walking the whole time!!!