Saturday, May 26, 2007

Lazy Saturday...

Well, its naptime here in the Zieglmeier Household. Aaron had a rough day, he went outside running barefoot to see daddy and Teip (our neighbor) and he fell down on the concrete. He skinned both knees, one elbow, his hands and the top of his right foot. He was just a bloody mess, poor little guy. We brought him inside and bandaged him up and now he lays asleep on our bed. He was going to go golfing with Daddy but we talked and he felt it was best he stay home.

I will share photos with you later of our little trooper. I am going to lay down as well for a little snooze.

Tomorrow we hope to go to Eden Valley to the A Maze'n Farmyard-

I think the boys will just LOVE that and of course I will take lots of pics to share on my blog!