Friday, April 6, 2007

April is Autism Awareness Month

As most of you know Aaron was "officially" diagnosed with Autism in September 2004, by the doctors at the University of Minnesota, Fairview Hospital. Since then he has made excellent progress.
A once non verbal little boy is now a non stop chatterbox, always wanting to learn more things. He is in full day kindergarten and Andy & I couldn't be more pleased with his positive attitude towards life in general and school. He truly loves school, his friends and teachers. We are so proud of Aaron! Morgan loves his big brother and looks up to him all the time.

All month long there will be news shows about Autism. Throughout the month Nightline ABC will have segments on the Autism Epidemic. If you miss any of the broadcasts you can log onto the website and see past showings of clips.

Please tune in if you have the time.