Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in so long.... So sorry about that.
What's new with us? Morgan is still a destructor, he loves making a mess and getting into trouble. Aaron is the good boy, he loves school and tries his best in everything he does.

Aaron has been doing wonderful in school. He now can spell/write his entire name- that is so awesome, I don't think I could spell ZIEGLMEIER as a Kindergartner! He loves writing his full name on his school papers!

I took some great photos a few weeks ago of the boys when we got that huge snowfall. They just loved playing in the snow and had a ball. Well today it is 50 degrees and climbing and the snow is melting. It is so nice outside today, just sweatshirt weather. When Aaron gets home from school, I might take the boys to the park. It's just a great day and I can't wait for Spring!

Hopefully later today I can get those pictures up on my blog of the boys, so check back!

Happy Tuesday!