Tuesday, February 6, 2007

We have SNOW!

Finally, we have some snow falling. We awoke to some snow and it is still snowing and the plows are out. Aaron and Morgan are going to want to go out and play in it then, uh oh, I guess that means I need to go outside too!

It is 7 Degrees out right now, it has been just FREEZING with temps of -16 Degrees in the evening. I sure wish Spring comes soon, I can't function in these really cold temps.

Well, Aaron and I are still sick, but I think we are on the road to recovery. Aaron still has a little cough and all that is going on with me is a sore throat. It all began with a sore throat for me, maybe that is how it is going to end? I sure hope so.

Nothing really big planned for today, I need to wait on the cable guy to come over and look at the Cable box. Charter hasn't really been the idol Cable/Internet/Phone company, I wish we had Astound back again, we didn't ever have problems with them.

Hopefully when Aaron comes home he is in a good mood and will want to write out his Valentine's Day Cards for his V-Day Party next week. I will be sure to snap some pictures and share them on my blog- so check back!