Friday, February 5

Time to revive this blog!

It's been a long time coming, but I've been meaning to revive this ol' thing! I couldn't remember my login or password and had to reset all of that. I hope I remember how to post! Hopefully I'll update soon and reconnect with my followers. I hope to update you on my family life and any crafts or projects I'm working on. Lots have changed in the few years since I was really active on the blog. I now have a 9th grader and a 5th grader who are involved in many extracurricular activities. I still craft but not as much. Hopefully that will change because of course I still have a stash of unfinished projects to complete.

Thursday, June 25

Young Living (Free Reference Book Promotion)

I'll be placing my Young Living order earlier for the month of July. 

 Locals - If you need anything let me know by July 6th. If your oils order will total more than $50, I do ask that you prepay. - Cash or Check - Wholesale pricing + sales tax + $2 ship costs is what I charge. 

I also have an online retail website if you wish to purchase your oils online and have them shipped to you. This will be Retail Pricing.

Would you like to become a Wholesale Member (No obligation to sell) and get 24% Off Young Living products and have the products shipped directly to you?
Anyone that signs up for a Wholesale Account under me will receive a Large Softcover Spiral Bound Reference Guide for Essential Oils. (Original Retail Value of $36)

Renee Zieglmeier - Young Living Independent Distributor Member # 1419694 


Friday, January 2

The Power of Positive Thinking!

In all seriousness, 2014 was a tough year for me and my family. I had a lot of health issues and our family lost some special loved ones due to unforeseen illnesses. Hoping 2015 is a much more positive, healthy and financially stable new year!

2015 Book Challenge

I got this from a friend on Facebook. I really do need to read more this year. I am always buying books. Where do you get your books from? I've found that Goodwill is a great place for books, they sell them on average at $1.99 - $2.99 there. What a great deal. I also like to go to Books Revisited, they have one in Crossroads Mall and one in Downtown St. Cloud.

2015 Book Challenge

  1. A classic romance
  2. A book that became a movie
  3. A book published this year
  4. A book with a number in the title
  5. A book written by someone under 30
  6. A book with nonhuman characters
  7. A funny book
  8. A book by a female author
  9. A bookwith a one-word title
  10. A mystery or thriller
  11. A book of short stories
  12. A book set in a different country
  13. A nonfiction book
  14. A popular author's first book
  15. A book you have not read yet from an author you love 
  16. A book a friend recommended
  17. A Pulitzer Prize winning book
  18. A book based on a true story
  19. A book at the bottom of your to read pile
  20. A book your mom loves
  21. A book that scares you
  22. A book more than 10 years old
  23. A book chosen entirely on its cover
  24. A book you were supposed to read in school but didn't
  25.  A memoir
  26. A book you can finish in a day
  27. A book with antonyms in the title
  28. A book set in a place you have always wanted to visit
  29. A book that was published the year you were born
  30. A book with bad reviews
  31. A trilogy
  32. A book from your childhood
  33. A book with a love triangle
  34. A book set in the future
  35. A book set in high school
  36. A book with a color in the title
  37. A book with magic
  38. A graphic novel
  39. A book by an author you have never read before
  40. A book that takes place in your hometown or state
  41. A book that was originally written in a different language
  42. A play
  43. A book of poems
  44. A banned book
  45. A book based on or turned into a television show
  46. A book you started but never finished
  47. A book you own but have not read
  48. A book your friend loves
  49. A book with a female heroine
  50. A book that everyone but you has read
  51. A book based on a true story
  52. A book you loved--read it again
  53. A book from the library
  54. A book with Pictures
  55. A book with 500 pages

It's 2015, time to jumpstart my blog again!

Wow, can't believe it was May when I last posted to my blog! I need to get it going again. So much has happened since May 2014! Hopefully this weekend I can share some pictures of these last few months and happenings!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, May 21

End of Year School Picnic

It is that time again, the end of the year school picnic. This school year has gone by fast. I will have a 4th grader next year and an 8th grader! Wow! Where has the time gone?

Our Cub Scout Pack 21 is cooking and selling the food again this year for Westwood for their end of the school year picnic! We will add a station to send off Stomp Rockets. Any kids interested in making one, our new Webelos Scouts will assist them in the construction of one and then the students can send them off. Here are some photos of previous years we've done Stomp Rockets as an event. This is fun for people of all ages as you can see!

Monday, May 12

Catching up...

Summer is almost here... isn't it? 
We've been so busy this 2014 New Year, the boys are doing well, active with all their Sports, Robotics and Cub/Boy Scout events. I am looking forward to the Summer when we can relax at the campground! I've done a little crafting here and there, I really need to get off the computer more (Facebook & Pinterest) and get to playing with paper more often! Here are some crafts I don't think I've blogged yet. 

I made 16 of these little campfire centerpieces for our Cub Scouting Blue & Gold Banquet. It has become a tradition, I made them for the tables and then the Webelos 2 Scouts/Parents may take one home with them as a thank you for being a part of our Pack!
I got a great deal on a huge box of 2x3 size magnets at a Thrift Store in Big Lake last year. It is a great project to use up scraps of patterned paper and misc. stickers and rub-ons!
 Here is a "chevron" themed ATC Card I created for an online swap on a stamping message board. I love making these little masterpieces.
 These are a bit more time consuming but really make a big statement I think. These are mini clipboards out of regular old drink coasters you get at restaurants/bars. Cut paper to size or find the Lifestyle crafts square nesting dies. I added half of a regular post it note pad, a binder clip with some washi tape on it and tied a pretty ribbon on top. I sanded the edges of the paper once I adhered it to the coaster. I like the 'worn' or 'faded' look on my projects.
 Here are some more magnets using up some scrap patterned paper and stickers. On this set I dabbed some acrylic paint on the edges to make it stand out a bit more!
 I was a in secret sister swap online and created these mini cards. I believe I got the package of envelopes at Joann's and just used patterned paper and stickers for the front of the card.
 This ATC was for a Valentine "Love" swap. I have a lot going on here, but I like the look. The lips are a stamp and so is the "Love Beyond Measure" message. The pink hearts, two people holding hands and XOXOXO are Washi Tapes! Oh how I do love those Washi Tapes, I am a little obsessed with them!